This week, OCZ has introduced a new high-end piece of hardware from the PC Power & Cooling ground. The new unit is a 1200W PSU that boasts some pretty beefy specs. On top of being able to supply 90 Amps on +12V, the unit supposedly hits an efficiency rating of 83% - which is definitely above average. They are pitching the PSU at SLI systems with very power hungry GPUs, and claim their single rail design helps keep their unit a cut above the rest:

PC Power & Cooling has designed the Turbo-Cool 1200 for optimum power distribution to all components by utilizing their customary "single +12V rail" design. This trail-blazing approach to +12V rail design ends the need to budget power "across the rails" as is the case with the less effective multi-rail design found in the vast majority of high-performance PSUs on the market today.
The PSU is dubbed Turbo-Cool, and while 1200W is still a huge amount for even a power rig, a high efficiency rating and the prevalence of high power GPUs makes it attractive. The $500 price tag is pretty steep, however most high-end PSUs are in that realm. You can read more about the PSU at the product page n the PCP&C site.

OCZ acquired PC Power & Cooling earlier this year.