Make Firefox look like (the old) Netscape - Many of you probably remember the earlier days of the web when the browser dominance wars took place between Netscape (which enjoyed a majority share) and Internet Explorer. TechSpot Blog.

Internet2 just got 10 times faster - The ultrahigh-speed Internet2 network just got 10 times faster, partly in anticipation of rising demand for capacity after the world's largest particle collider opens near Geneva next year. MSNBC.

Nintendo's Wii gets Fit - "Wii Fit" goes on sale in Japan on December 1 for about 8,800 yen or $75, using a pressure-sensing "balance board" that looks like a bathroom scale and reads movement. It can be used to play virtual sports such as soccer and ski jumping, as well as training staples such as yoga and aerobics. Reuters.

iPod touch now running Mail, Google Maps, and more - We're not looking at general availability yet, but those happy hacking cats unravelling the iPod touch have decrypted the ramdisk and are now busy installing applications. Already, Mail, Maps, and other 3rd party apps are up and running on their jailbreaked touches. Engadget.

Mapquest getting a long overdue facelift - So what's new? First up, you get a map on the front page, not just text entry boxes. Second, you no longer have to enter a street, city, and state all in separate boxes. There's a unified Google Maps-like box at the top. DownloadSquad.