Originally meant to hit download sites on the same day of the Halo 3 launch, the Crysis demo was pushed back to an October 26 launch, only to be postponed earlier today for the second time. However, in a strange turn of events, Crytek and EA have decided to un-postpone the highly-anticipated demo which is now available on FileShack, and should be available tomorrow at nZone.com, as well.

Edit: Additional working mirror (no registration needed).
Edit #2: Nvidia has released new Forceware beta drivers (169.01) that are optimized for use with this SP demo. If you ask me it's ridiculous how you need to upgrade drivers every time a new major title is released, it happened with Bioshock, UT, and now Crysis. But anyway, pick your OS and download here.

As earlier reported, the demo will include the complete first level, dubbed "Contact," which will give you roughly 45 minutes of gameplay. In addition, Crytek is packing in the CryEngine 2 Sandbox game editor, giving the community the opportunity to get familiar with the tools they will have at their disposal before the actual game ships on November 16.