OS X Leopard hacked to run on the PC, already: Well its been only a day since the Leopard was released by Apple and the hackers have managed to create a patched DVD that everyone like you and me can use to install Leopard on PCs without having to buy a Mac. (Editor note: Just posting this here for fun, try at your own risk and consider this may as well be illegal). dailyApps.

Guitar Hero III goes out on sale today: Not the kind of news PC gamers will be extremely excited about, but the console game is certainly a phenomenon. A PC & Mac versions are expected next month. Find where to buy it or check the full track list.

Wal-Mart plays Black Friday spoilsport: With a short notice sent to a handful of Web sites last week, the world's largest retailer put a damper on the biggest shopping day of the year for die-hard bargain hunters. News.com.

Mozilla Prism Aims to Bring Web Apps Closer to the Desktop: The Mozilla guys aren't just working on Firefox 3, but also on a technology called Prism which is supposed to further blur the border between desktop programs and web applications. Google Blogoscoped.

Microsoft sees progress in getting Windows on XO: The world's largest software company is now working to adapt a basic version of Windows XP so it is compatible with the nonprofit One Laptop per Child Foundation's small green-and-white XO laptop. Reuters.