Apple today announced it has moved more than two million copies of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard since its debut on Friday, far outpacing sales of Tiger in its first weekend. By comparison, Tiger took over a month to sell its 2 millionth copy once it was released.

The sales figures include copies of Leopard sold at Apple retail stores, Apple authorized resellers, the online Apple Store, under maintenance agreements and those copies bundled with newly shipping Macs. Leopard is priced at $129 for a single user license, or $199 for a five-user family pack. Reviews for Apple's latest operating system, which reportedly introduces over 300 new features, have been overwhelmingly positive for the most part, despite some users reporting some installation problems over the weekend.

All in all, there is no denying that Apple is having a great year. The company has hit a number of milestones in 2007 including its 100 millionth iPod sold in April, followed by its 3 billionth iTunes song in June and its one million iPhone units sales mark in just 74 days. Most recently, according to the company's Q4 2007 numbers, it also had its first ever 2 million Mac quarter.