Try Windows Home Server for 120 days: Microsoft is offering a 4 month trial of Windows Home Server for evaluation purposes. The Windows Home Server 120-Day Evaluation Kit includes a Windows Home Server Installation DVD, a Windows Home Server Connector CD and a Home Computer Restore CD. (thanks Neowin) Microsoft.

Google to Announce Mobile Platform on Monday: Although Google has declined to comment for months on its rumored move into the mobile space, sources said the company will make an announcement Monday at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, and that details of the plan are being finalized this weekend. PC World.

Best Buy Replaces Backordered $99 Toshiba HD-A2s with HD-A3s: Given that the HD-A2 is now discontinued, one would have expected that Best Buy would just cancel all of the orders and be done with it – but you would be wrong. Best Buy instead is replacing all backordered HD-A2 players with the new third-generation HD-A3 which retails for $299.99. Dailytech.

Thanks to BitTorrrent, Net neutrality debate reignites: The controversial issue of Net neutrality is surfacing again amid allegations that phone companies and cable operators are throttling BitTorrent traffic and perhaps even censoring politically charged language.