Intel is expanding their presence in mass-storage with an offering geared towards home users and small business. Their "Entry Storage System SS4200x", which includes the SS4200-E and the SS4200-EWH. They are both already being shipped out, with slightly different purposes to each.

The SS4200x series is powered by the ICH7-R chipset and includes four internal drive bays, along with an eSATA connector for additional expansion, DDR2 memory and a Celeron processor. The differences between the unit are the included software, with the E version including EMC software to assist in NAS deployment. The EWH on the other hand is a "hardware-only" solution, aimed at companies who want to deploy their own software for storage management. Interestingly, they are pitching the EHW as an "ideal" fit for the newly released Windows Home Server.

They do not specify the maximum capacity of these NAS units, though they do say they can go up to "several terabytes". The units will start at $500 and will be available before the end of the year. You can read the full press release at Intel's site.