Supermicro is trying to one-up IBM in a claim that they have now released the world's "densest" blade server. The new SBA-714M-T, part of their SuperBlade line, is thin enough to squeeze 10 of the units into a 7U enclosure, making each individual blade consume under a single U of rack space. That precious little space is packed tightly, too, with each unit accepting up to four Quad-core or Dual-core Opteron processors, for up to 16 cores in a single unit.

What is truly interesting is the chipset in which they are trusting to power these behemoth CPUs in such a tiny environment. They are using Nvidia's MCP55 Pro chipset, showing how vendors are beginning to increasingly trust Nvidia with "enterprise-class" hardware.

They, like many others today, are touting energy efficiency as well - with the enclosure for these servers capable of accepting up to four PSUs that they rate at 90% or higher, which is impressive on its own. You can read the full press release at SuperMicro's site.