Gigabyte continues to grow, and as they have expanded they have sought more markets to enter. As far as desktop PCs go, they are an absolute newcomer - with only a single country to sell in and only two years in the game. Now, their self-branded PCs aimed at enthusiasts will be offered in a much wider area. Starting next year, Gigabyte will add China, Japan and Europe to their list of countries they are selling to, with goals of more than doubling the amount of units sold in 2007.

They aren't the only PC manufacturer expanding their reach, which actually seems contrary to the way the market is moving. Yesterday we heard about Lenovo's plan to bring back the ThinkStation. And yet, year after year, desktops continue to decline in sales (percentage wise) while laptops rise.

Gigabyte's decision to expand in this fashion follows them entering into and then just as quickly backing out of a joint venture with Asustek.