For years it's been said that the Personal Computer will become a true commodity, and while the average desktop PC price has been reduced greatly in the last decade, we are certainly not there just yet. Initiatives like the OLPC, besides its principal goal of reaching the third world, has only showed a thriving consumer desire for more portable, rugged and affordable computing. Several companies have been paying attention to this trend, with many of them putting Linux to good use, effectively reducing prices.

Recently Taiwanese-based manufacturer Everex landed a distribution deal with Walmart for selling its gPC which goes for a mere $199. There is no monitor included in this price, and the gPC ships with a Linux-based operating system called the gOS. This hasn't prevented the gPC from selling out and becoming "one of the top performing desktop computers on over the last few weeks."

The Everex TC2502 Green gPC comes equipped with a basic 1.5 GHz VIA C7 CPU, 512mb DDR2 memory and an 80GB hard drive. Walmart officials have confirmed that more stock is coming, hopefully in time for the holidays, we don't believe they will have a problem selling as many as they can get.