Despite Vista getting a lot of criticism in the news and it facing adoption issues on many fronts, it along with Office 2007 are turning out to do extremely well for Microsoft. In fact, their sales were so good as to compensate for an overall drop in software sales during 2005 and 2006. Office 2007 was a champ in and of itself, doubling sales as compared to Office 2003 and comprising over 17% of the entire software market:

"Office commands 17.4 percent of all PC software dollar volume, including PC games," Swenson said. "When people go to the store to buy software, there's a good chance they'll end up buying Microsoft Office."
Even though Vista has sold very well, however, that isn't to say that people are picking it up off the shelves - in fact, quite the opposite. The overwhelming majority of Vista licenses are sold through OEMs and retailers selling PCs. Regardless, it seems the launch of both of these products has fared well for Microsoft.