Sony has hit a bit of a milestone with the PlayStation 3, probably to the chagrin of Nintendo. In Japan, for the first time since either console hit the shelves, the PS3 outsold the Wii. Over a month, the PS3 managed to ship a little over 183,000 units, whereas the Wii was down a bit underneath, reaching just under 160,000. That's a small difference, to be sure, but a difference that likely Sony is paying attention to.

The loss of the Wii's lead can also be attributed to other factors, such as the Wii selling substantially more throughout the past year, and perhaps supply issues that Nintendo has been facing all over the world. Somehow I doubt the PS3 will retain this lead, particularly into 2008, but perhaps the months of the Wii outselling it 5 to 1 are over. The same was not true in the U.S., with the Wii still outselling the PS3.