Mozilla Firefox released (broken!): This one fixes some regressions from the other recent releases. If you are running anything earlier than I suggest you don't upgrade to any of the newer versions until an even newer revision is released. Several complaints from users about random crashes and high CPU utilization have risen in the past week. This editor is just another of such users feeling the pain in multiple OS versions, for sure the latest updates are to blame.

The views from The Pirate Bay (BBC interview): The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular file-sharing websites in the world and much of the content reachable via the site is pirated. Here the founders of the site and those that keep it running talk about what they do, why they do it and how hard it is to stop them. BBC.

Cracking open the iPod Touch: The iPod Touch includes the usual music-playing features, but adds video playback and Wi-Fi connectivity.

One Laptop Per Child orders surge: Peru wants 260,000 machines; Mexican billionaire signs up. Despite slower-than-expected sales and tough competition from commercial rivals, the One Laptop Per Child Foundation of Cambridge is enjoying a surge of new orders. The Boston Globe.

Government-Sponsored Cyberattacks on the Rise: Governments and allied groups worldwide are using the Internet to spy and launch cyberattacks on their enemies, according to McAfee's annual report on cybersecurity. PC World.