Apple sitting on a $15.4 billion money pile: Unlike Microsoft or Cisco, Apple (AAPL) doesn’t pay a dividend, doesn’t make big acquisitions, and doesn’t buy back many shares. So what does CEO Steve Jobs have in mind for all those greenbacks? Fortune.

XFX GeForce 8800GT 256 MB available: The little brother of the GeForce 8800 GT that we reviewed a few weeks ago can give the newer Radeons a run for its money. TS Pricewatch.

Ruby on Rails 2.0: It's done! Rails 2.0 is finally finished after about a year in the making. This is a fantastic release that’s absolutely stuffed with great new features, loads of fixes, and an incredible amount of polish. Ruby on Rails.

CompUSA to close all of its 103 stores: The consumer electronics store will run store-closing sales during the holidays to get rid of inventory. CNN.