How big is the spam problem? Has it been declining over the years? The answers are huge and, sadly, no. In fact, spam has been growing at a significant rate. Nearly four years ago, approximately 70% of the email flowing through the world's servers was spam. Now it has risen to an obscene 95%, a figured pulled from a study done by Barracuda Networks.

They determined after scanning over a billion messages sent per day that spam has continued to increase year after year. Other interesting figures were pulled from the surveys, including an increased usage of attachments for spam.

Where exactly, though, do we go from here? Spam in the inbox may be a nuisance, but an overwhelming majority of email traffic being composed of spam is another issue altogether. Legislation, technology, 3rd party companies - there have been many, many attempts to curbing spam. And yet, the problem remains. In fact, it is only getting worse.