Napster, which refused to stay dead years ago and performed a miracle in getting into the legal online music sales market(at least name-wise), has decided to blow off DRM. Following customer frustrations, they are one of a very few vendors who will be providing DRM-free music in mp3 format.

In doing such, they might get a bit of attention - especially from people who are using other services and are becoming increasingly frustrated with DRM. They cite "critical mass" for support of mp3s being sold without DRM, and that enough content is now available to make it feasible. The list of vendors and music companies offering music without draconian restrictions is small, and growing slowly - but it is at least growing. There's no mention if this will result in a price change.

No matter how much companies demand it, it is clear that people are becoming less willing to tolerate DRM as time goes on. We can only hope that soon these ridiculous restrictions placed on your own media disappear altogether.