One often-overlooked feature of the PlayStation 3 is its ability to install another OS onto the system, but if you've ever dreamed of playing PC games on your PS3 console, you'll find the aforementioned feature quite handy as third-party software company, StreamMyGame, has launched a free application that "enables you to play any PC game via a PlayStation 3 running Linux."

How does it work? Well, the PS3 won't really render the video or audio. Instead, you'll actually need to own a gaming PC with enough horsepower to run your favorite games and then stream the audio and video over your network to another device in your home. That second device, however, can be any Linux device, such as a laptop, other PC or PlayStation 3.

At the moment, StreamMyGame works only on home networks ever devices running Linux, but the company has plans to allow remote play over broadband connections and enable streaming for other platforms including Windows Mobile and Google's Android.