Crysis is the most impressive-looking game on the market today, but so far, only few players with very high-end rigs have been able to play the game in all its visual glory. However, it has been rumored for months now that Crysis would be making its way onto home video game consoles. That console would be Sony's PlayStation 3, if the latest rumor from GamesRadar proves true.

According to the gaming website, insiders at Crytek have this week let slip that a port of Crysis is on the way for PlayStation 3 owners, carrying extra game modes as well as extra features over the PC version. Crysis is an absolute beast to try and run even on the most bleeding edge of hardware and current speculation indicates that only Sony's console would be capable of hosting the game. But as impressive a piece of gaming kit the PS3 may be, I doubt it'll be able to fully handle the visual powerhouse that is Crysis on the PC unless some aesthetic scale back is done. That said, Crysis on the PS3 is just a rumor for now.