Update: No word on a PC release date - if any. However, all major GTA releases have found their way onto the PC a few months after its console debut as a way to extend the shelf life of the game. Hopefully, Rockstar will continue with this tried-and-true tradition.

Take-Two Interactive frustrated fans of the Grand Theft Auto series when they announced back in August that the next installment of the game, originally slated for an October 2007 release, had been pushed all the way to April 2008. The company cited technical challenges with the multi-platform release as the reason for the delay, prompting many to speculate that the PS3 version of the game was proving problematic. Today, Rockstar Games finally answered those assumptions, admitting that the PS3 definitely contributed to the slip.

They did state though that the development is at the point now where the PS3 version has caught up to the Xbox 360 version and that an international release date of April 29 has been set for both. In the meantime, you can head over to CVG for their impressions of a "virtually complete" GTA IV and a bunch of new screens.