Remember the infamous 'Hot Coffee' mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Well, following Take-Two's announcement in November that it had settled the consumer class action lawsuits related to the sex mini-game, a new website detailing methods of securing compensation, and different levels of remuneration available to plaintiffs, has been set up.

So, if you are among the offended and upset by the ability to alter the game's content using the third-party mod, now's your chance to claim some cash - depending on how much evidence of purchase you can provide. Those who have a first-edition disc may receive a Hot Coffee-free copy in exchange, while those who retain their detailed store receipt may receive a cash payment of up to $35.00.

Even gamers without proof of purchase or even a copy of the game are eligible for restitution: those who have a disc but no physical proof of purchase will get $10, while those with no disc and no purchase details will get $5. Visit the settlement site for complete details.