Asus has made waves worldwide with its ultra-portable, low-cost Eee PC sub-notebook. Now the company is planning to use that early success to launch a whole family of Eee products including a small form-factor desktop machine, an all-in-one system and a TV.

The first product to be launched by the Taiwanese manufacturer will be the $199 E-DT desktop PC. It'll be based on an Intel Celeron processor, much like the Eee laptop, though it's expected that future generations of the product will be based on Intel's upcoming Shelton platform. The E-DT will be sold as a standalone system without a monitor and is currently scheduled for launch between April and May.

In September, the E-DT will be joined by the E-Monitor, an all-in-one device similar to Apple's iMac and Dell's XPS One but with a much more affordable $499 price tag. It'll feature a 19'' - 21''display with a built-in TV tuner and be based on Intel's Shelton platform as well. Last but not least, a third system known as the E-TV will combine a 42-inch LCD TV with some Linux-based PC functionality and should cost about $200 more than a comparable TV that ships without such features.