WiMAX may be one most hyped, yet slowest-adopted technologies in recent times, but rest assured that isn't so from a lack of trying. In an attempt to push WiMAX to the next level, Intel has announced they will be cooperating with U.K.-based company, FREEDOM4, to fuel a huge WiMAX boost in that country. Using FREEDOM4 as a launchpad, Intel plans to make substantial investments with the ultimate goal of making wireless Internet available to a much larger audience. Intel may also have other motives behind this initiative such as the adoption of their own hardware needed for the deployment of the networks supporting this project.

As one of many vendors that has been offering and developing WiMAX hardware for some time now, Intel has a keen interest in a wider adoption of these technologies. There's no mention of the particular regions within the U.K that the company is going after on its first stages, but you can read more details in the Intel press release.