In the last couple of months, BiTMicro has captured headlines by announcing their solid state flash drives with unprecedented capacities of up to 1.6TB in a 3.5-inch form factor. While an impressive breakthrough indeed, its price will likely be too restrictive for mere mortals.

Mtron is looking towards more modest, but solid advances in the field with their recently announced single- and multi-level cell 128GB SSD drives, which is being touted as the largest 1.8-incher in the market – that’s the same size drive in many MP3 players and Apple’s new Macbook Air. According to the company, the new drives are up to six times faster than traditional 1.8-inch HDDs with maximum read speeds of 120MB/sec and maximum write speeds of 100MB/sec. Production will start in April, but as with all SSDs of this size, don’t expect them to hit the market at a mainstream price point.