With Sony's victory in the HD format war over Toshiba, there seems to be a break in the clouds for the PS3. It has been speculated for a while that sales of the PS3 may have been affected by the drama and uncertainty surrounding the two competing formats, so now with only Blu-ray in the spotlight those fears might be dispelled. That's what Yahoo Games is saying, with their assertion that the troubled start of the PS3 will be alleviated from now on.

Regardless of what analysts have to say, it's a fact the PS3 has been doing considerably better since the end of last year, though that can't all be attributed to Blu-ray. An improved game selection definitely plays a part, and there are other factors to consider such as the total value of hardware sold.

At the other side of the camp, it was just last week that Microsoft claimed that the orphaning of HD DVD won't have an impact on the 360 sales. We are merely speculating at this point that a Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360 is imminent.