On top of introducing their first 45nm CPUs today, AMD also unveiled something a little less exciting but still interesting. The new AMD 780 Series GPUs, which they dub as the world's “most advanced” motherboard GPU, has been released. The DirectX 10-supporting unit is pitched as a solution for “casual” gamers that want to play newer titles but don't want to spend the money on a discrete GPU. While I can never imagine playing a 3D game on an embedded GPU, that's apparently what AMD is claiming this new unit is capable of.

The GPU carries support for AMD's UVD for improved hardware-accelerated video playback, particularly important with hi-def content like Blu-ray. Despite all the performance promised, they also claim energy-efficiency as an ideal solution for quiet PCs. These AMD integrated GPUs are meant to compete hand in hand with Intel's X3000/X4000 integrated graphics which still dominate the whole PC graphics market with over 50 percent market share. The units are scheduled for release globally before the end of the second quarter.