AMD just issued its monthly update to their Catalyst software suite, bringing the package up to version 8.3. This is an important milestone for AMD and means much more than just another driver, though, as Catalyst 8.3 finally delivers CrossFireX support for up to four GPUs within one system.

Starting today, users can link up their Radeon HD 3870 X2 cards, with standard 3870s and even the 3850 – basically any RV670 / RV680 combo will work – for triple and quad-GPU performance within Windows Vista. In addition, the drivers also introduce Hybrid Graphics technology, which gives users the ability to pair a 780 series IGP with a discreet Radeon HD 3400 series graphics card for increased performance or low-power operation. Check out AMD’s release notes for the full list of changes, or go ahead and pick your OS to download the latest Catalyst driver:

ATI Catalyst 8.3 for Windows XP
ATI Catalyst 8.3 for Windows XP 64bit
ATI Catalyst 8.3 for Windows Vista 32bit
ATI Catalyst 8.3 for Windows Vista 64bit