Microsoft, Sony, the Xbox 360, and Blu-ray. This topic has generated a lot of coverage, particularly since the demise of HD DVD. What originally began with just talks about the future ended up turning into outright commitments with Microsoft confirming support for Blu-ray. That's a big step for Microsoft in and of itself, due to the investment they had in HD DVD. It's been speculated by many that Microsoft was in talks regarding Blu-ray integration into their baby, the 360.

That's not the case, with Microsoft denying they are actually crafting plans to do such. They have stated they are not dealing with Sony or any other Blu-ray Association member regarding this. This means, for the moment, that their support for Blu-ray will be entirely focused on Windows. Why not on the 360, however? It seems like an inevitable step forward they would have to take, and something that can benefit them. With the Wii having incredible sales and the PlayStation 3 picking up slack after such a long incubation period, you'd think they would take every advantage they can in making the console more attractive.