OCZ has announced a new series of products from its PC Power & Cooling division (which they acquired last year) with an expansion of the Silencer Line. The new products include a host of new power supplies including an all-new 500W EPS12V model and other affordable 370W and 420W units. The Silencer line is aimed at enthusiasts that want a high-quality PSU coupled with very quiet operation, something that can be a difficult thing to achieve. It might be easy enough to pick up a beefy 750+W PSU that has enough power for three video cards, but it may as well end up sounding like a jet taking off.

The lower-wattage units are pitched at desktop systems that still want silence but don't justify the power or price of a more capable model. Another thing to note is that OCZ lists the PSUs as Dell-compatible (if you get the Dell-specialized version), which could actually be a boon to people wanting to upgrade a Dell system, we imagine there's been some demand for that.