(Dated 1 Nov 2002) This Driver Pack Update pack is available for Sound Blaster Audigy owners operating on Windows 2000 or XP operating systems only. Edit by Thomas - These are the same drivers as the previous Creative release albeit these include support for additional languages (Korean, Japanese, German, French & English).

Added features:
Provides Dolby Digital decoding from external SPDIF Input.
Speaker settings in Creative Audio Mixer are synchronized with Windows Multimedia setting.
New presets and effects added
Reduces excess reverb in MIDI while using software synthesizer
Removes glitches when playing MIDI using SoundFonts
Removes distortion during AC-3 playback
Performs recording without playback
Improves multi channel wave file playback
Hardware acceleration of Open AL.
Fixed audio distortion & slow start up when resume from standby
Fixed elevation bug causing muffled sound in some games