Earlier this year Asus, better known for its huge manufacturing capabilities and PC motherboards, began a restructuring process of the company in order to fine-tune their business, splitting into three major divisions: ASUStek, Pegatron and Unihan.

With the launch of the Asus Eee PC, they have seen tremendous (and perhaps unexpected) success in the low-cost laptop market and a very good entry into branded PC equipment that is being sold worldwide. This could have Asus planning a new spin-off dedicated to the Eee PC line alone.

This could allow the Eee PC to creep into markets beyond the entry-level, taking a more mainstream approach. Among their plans are releases of 10 and 11-inch screen models later this year, an Eee PC desktop and another model called the "Eee TV". This all sounds good to us as long as Asus does not forget what brought them here and continue to offer low-cost, innovative machines.