As we have been reporting for quite some time now, PC gaming is still alive and kicking but a decline has been noticed over the past few years. This on-going trend has become more notorious with the latest release of powerful next-generation game consoles and the reduced number of PC exclusive titles released during this time frame.

Crytek, the creators of the Far Cry and Crysis franchises, are one of the last developers to voice over concerns regarding the PC platform. In particular they are taking issue with piracy, after a mildly successful release of first-person shooter Crysis which has seen good sales, but perhaps just a fraction of what those could have been if a multi-platform release had been put in place, or if pirate copies for the title were not as widespread as they currently are, according to Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek.

On a recent interview he said they will continue supporting the PC as they have done so far, but they foresee multi-platform releases for upcoming games.

If the PC does not need to be saved, then what needs to be done to regain the momentum it once had? Initiatives have been put out there, but results have been scarce at best so far. Perhaps the future is on digital distribution platforms that can take better control over the environment a la Steam?