The Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, used to be the single biggest gaming event and conference in the world. Times have changed though, and E3 has been struggling lately to remain significant in the industry following its decision two years ago to stop accepting public attendees to become more of an invite-only show.

E3 will take place this July 15 through 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but now a handful of studios have opted out of displaying at this year's expo. Studios dropping out of the show include NCSoft, Foundation 9, Her Interactive, Vivendi, and Activision - with the latter two dropping out of the Entertainment Software Association altogether.

The studios cite timing of development cycles and investor relations as the reasons for pulling out, though some are pointing their fingers at discontent with new ESA head Mike Gallagher as the reason behind the falling support of E3. Whatever the reason, it'll be interesting to see how much buzz this year's E3 can generate now that some big names will be missing from the show.