Back from a long weekend here (local holiday), here you have a few news tidbits I caught around the web:

[URL=][/URL] is hosting several leaked screenshots from Microsoft's next big thing, Windows Codename Longhorn.

Is Microsoft losing ground to Linux? at [URL=]CNet[/URL]. Report on the not so good press Microsoft is getting lately; not so uncommon being MS, anyway :D

OEM PC offerings alert... [URL=]Dell[/URL] selling PCs at Costco & Gateway offering a new [URL=]$399 PC[/URL] (after $100 rebate); it's a Celeron, not intended for the performance freak but would accomodate quite well as family PC.

Rumour mill: [URL=]AMD[/URL] said to lay off around 20% of North American staff last Friday, just a rumour for the time being, though.