Microsoft may be celebrating a milestone of their own for console sales, but how did the current number one console fare in light of the GTA IV release leaving them in the cold? Quite well, it seems, with the Nintendo Wii taking the number one place for console sales in April. The most recent figures put the Wii at 714,000 sales last month, which completely dwarfs Microsoft's and Sony's sales at around 188,000 each. Nintendo's handhelds units also exceeded the PS3 and Xbox 360 by an impressive amount, showing that Nintendo's current strategies are doing well.

Those are impressive figures given that no high profile games for the Wii came out in April, with which Nintendo gives partial credit to Mario Kart Wii. The numbers are likely to more favor Microsoft and Sony in May, as more high profile games are on the horizon for both of those consoles as opposed to the Wii.