Even though Mininova currently is the most popular BitTorrent site with over 30 million unique monthly visitors, they somehow have managed to elude legal action while all the pressure has focused on sites such as The Pirate Bay and TorrentSpy instead. That's about to change, however, with the site soon to be the target of a lawsuit at the hands of Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN.

The lawsuit will focus on the question whether Mininova has to filter copyrighted media from their search results or not. According to BREIN, because over 90% of files tracked on Mininova are illegal they should start filtering search results, or face legal action. Mininova, for its part, maintains they have a notice and take down-policy just like YouTube and if a copyright holder asks the site to remove a file, they will simply comply. It'll be interesting to see what the outcome of the case will be and just what implications it could have on the future of other BitTorrent sites.