It's been rumored for some time now, but according to, 2K Games' ultra-successful underwater shooter BioShock will definitely see a release on PlayStation 3 consoles this holiday season. Apparently, Electronic Gaming Monthly - 1UP's sister print publication - is running a cover story with the details in its forthcoming issue.

Not much is being shared online on how the PlayStation 3 version will differ from the once-exclusive Xbox 360 and PC title other than it may include some "potential graphical improvements." This is certainly great news for PS3 owners and especially Sony, as the game was received exceptionally well on its release for Xbox 360 and PC - Microsoft may not be as thrilled though. Even more so considering this is not the first game to lose exclusivity with the 360 as Lost Planet, Eternal Sonata, Vampire Rain and recently Overlord have all shared a similar fate.