Finding high quality components is relatively easy to do, but finding the same high quality components that are energy-efficient is a bit of conundrum. That's because enthusiasts are primarily interested in things like performance, which don't necessarily leave much room for making a power-friendly component. That's why Cooler Master's latest announcement is interesting, with them being the first to offer a 900W power supply that is 80 Plus rated.

On paper, the Cooler Master UCP 900W looks very nice, capable of handling even very high system loads. The efficiency of the PSU is impressive, with the unit delivering 85% even when delivering a full 900W of power to the system. What's better is how it retains that efficiency even at very low loads, which is where many high-end PSUs struggle. At a 20% load, its efficiency remains at 86%, making it power-friendly to use even when idling. Cool stuff.