Asus recently announced the Atom-based Eee PC 901, which features a larger 8.9-inch display and a few bumped specs compared to earlier models. The company is expected to launch the tiny notebook at the Computex show next week, but apparently that's not all Asus has in store for attendees.

Reports are emerging that the company is concerned about the launch of a 10-inch MSI Wind notebook and now plans to rush forward the launch of a same-size Eee PC. Lending much credence to the rumors, an invite from the Taiwan-based manufacturer sent to journalists this week says it will launch its new Eee PC 901 and 1000 series at the annual Computex show. The catch is, of course, Asus has never before announced a 1000 series.

No specifications have yet surfaced for the 10-inch Eee PC, but we can probably expect an Atom-based system with Linux and Windows options and perhaps some more storage capacity than the 8.9-inch and 7-inch models. In any case, we'll likely have to wait until next week to know for sure.