On top of showing off the Puma platform at Computex, AMD has also taken the time to show the world what their ATI branch is working on. Some of their offerings look very interesting, including new mobile GPU offerings and some very nice tech demos of some future Radeon HD GPUs. To start off with, AMD gave a short preview of what their Radeon HD 4800 can do, in particular generating some on the fly scenes that make even FMV look like cartoons. A hastily-uploaded video shows a few seconds of the tech demo, which does look impressive, even through the shaky cam work.

AMD also introduced some new processors and GPUs, including “Hybrid Graphics Technology”, something we've seen now and then from other vendors in other forms. Essentially, notebooks which feature this technology will be able to switch on the fly from discrete to integrated GPUs – or use them in combination to boost 3D graphics performance. Other technologies geared at improving IGP are coming as well, such as PowerXpress which can increase the power of IGP units when plugged into the wall.

They are also introducing new server processors, including a quad-core Opteron, with a model for workstations and a model for servers.