The Asus Eee Box was popular at Computex, and Asus has informed the world they will be shipping it all over soon enough. One destination for the machine will be in the UK. Unfortunately for those who saw it as not only alternative hardware but as an alternative platform, it seems that in the UK the Eee Box will be available only with Windows rather than Linux. The low-power, low-profile tiny desktop machine has a lot of selling points and has earned a lot of interest, but it seems for the moment Asus is focusing on wide appeal rather than anything else. As a result, Linux deployments for the Eee Box, at least in the U.K., will be delayed.

Delayed, but not forgotten. Asus does still plan to release the Eee Box with Linux at a later date, but did not mention if the price will be altered (lowered) as a result. For the truly eager, there's probably nothing stopping you from wiping it and installing whatever OS you want on your own.