AMD is taking mobile computing seriously. Earlier this month the company introduced its Puma notebook platform, bringing together the new Turion ultra-mobile processor, AMD 7-series chipset, and the Radeon HD 3000 range of integrated and discrete graphics solutions. While products based on the platform are just beginning to surface, already we are hearing details about its successor: the Shrike platform.

Due out in the second half of 2009, Shrike will be the first AMD “Fusion” product, and will incorporate the CPU, memory controller, and GPU into a single piece of silicon – though the use of discrete graphics cards will also be supported through PCIe. According to a presentation slide, AMD plans to build the first Fusion products around dual-core processors and promises substantial CPU and GPU performance improvements as well as longer battery life.

Interestingly, Shrike will also help AMD compete in the ultra-portable notebook market – from which it has been mostly absent – thanks to the integration of CPU and GPU which will translates to smaller form factors. In fact, the company is pitching the platform as an alternative for sub-inch notebooks.