Microsoft has gone on the offensive as it attempts to prove that Vista's tarnished image is due to poor perceptions created by the media, from Apple's "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads to tech journalists fishing for cheap traffic by bashing the OS simply because it's Microsoft's. To prove its point, the software giant rounded up a bunch of XP users who had a negative perception of Vista and asked for their opinions.

Users were asked to explain their dislike for Vista, and then were showed a "new" operating system code-named Mojave - all while being videotaped. Feedback was quite positive, with over 90 percent saying they were impressed with what they saw and one guy even exclaiming "oh wow" - a phrase that Microsoft has been hoping to get out of users mouths for months. Microsoft then revealed to the group that Mojave is actually Windows Vista how it is available today.

Of course, the test was probably conducted in a controlled environment and lacked vital elements of the whole Vista experience - such as installing, upgrading, hooking up hardware, and so on. In any case, the company hasn't figured out how it will use this to market the OS, but it's a step forward in its quest to fight Vista 'myths'.