In the latest development of Psystar vs. Apple, some news on how Psystar intends to defend itself from the tech giant has surfaced. According to Psystar Lawyers, they are going to accuse Apple of abusing anti-trust laws, stifiling competition with draconian EULAs and questionable software licenses.

This is unsurprising but very interesting. Often, Apple is seen as a company that tries to sell an aura of uniqueness, and there's no arguing that many Apple users became such because they were tired of using the same old Windows. Psystar has tried to fill a gap between Apple and those who don't want to spend an arm and a leg getting Apple hardware, which on the surface you might think Apple would endorse. After all, with Windows holding an overwhelming majority of the operating system market share, wouldn't Apple want to encourage adoption of OS X in every facet possible?

You'd think so - but Apple also has an image to defend. Though the differences between "Mac hardware" and "PC hardware" have lessened considerably since the adoption of Intel processors in Macs, Apple still makes it a point to focus (or at least seem to focus) on white listing hardware, approving only what they want so they have the ability to tell their users "This is Mac hardware, which is good hardware". Psystar undercutting them could destroy that notion - then again, it might not.