Fujitsu is reaching out to those concerned about the environment, by announcing what it calls the "world's first zero-watt monitors" for business users looking to go green and save a little bit of cash on their energy bills at the same time.

According to the company, their new Scenicview Premium Line ECO monitors features a patent pending power saving technology that consumes zero watts in standby mode. It does this using a kill switch to completely shut down the monitor when no output is sent to it and then reacts when an image is sent to start up the monitor. This is probably nothing to get the average user excited about, however, with the monitor saving you roughly $11 per year on typical daily usage of 8 hours use and 16 hours standby.

Beside its power saving features, the 20-inch P20W-5 ECO and 22-inch P22W-5 ECO offer up to 1680 x 1050 pixels resolution and a 5 millisecond response time as well as a HDMI interface for connecting HD devices. Both screens are available now in Europe starting at around $625, with 24- and 26-inch models expected to arrive next month.