If you're a fan of Starcraft you've likely been eagerly awaiting the release of Blizzard's successor to the extremely popular RTS. Following the original announcement over a year ago, Blizzard has released small tidbits, including trailers, but not much in the way of specifics about gameplay. A lot has changed recently, and after demoing the latest addition to WoW, Blizzard showed off how far they've come on Starcraft II.

Offering gamers actual playtime, people were able to get a feel for it. It definitely has had a lot of development time sunk into it. The little playtime offered was enough to get a scope on how the game will feel, and so far the verdict is that it is remaining true to what people remember from Starcraft.

There wasn't much commentary on the 3D graphics used in the game, but from what screenshots show it looks suitable for the atmosphere of Starcraft. I certainly am looking forward to more.