AMD will be introducing some new processors in November, aimed primarily at low-cost desktops: the Athlon 2650E and Athlon X2 3250E. Both processors are slower-clocked CPUs with very low TDPs as far as desktop chips go, with the 2650E's TDP being 15W and the 3250E's TDP only slightly larger at 22W. They won't be available in retail initially, instead aimed at OEMs who will doubtlessly put the CPUs in lower cost machines.

The 2650E will be a 1.6GHz part and the 3250E will be a 1.5GHz part. Another entry will be a 2.5GHz triple-core Phenom, the 8850. The processors are still being fabbed with a 65nm process, indicating that AMD's transition to 45nm is still faced with issues.

The CPUs are part of AMD's “Ultra-Value Client” line, a fancy way of saying “cheap” (or perhaps entry-level). This, coupled with recent price drops, indicates a change in strategy for AMD. After a recent announcement that high-end processors were no longer on the agenda, they've been leaning more towards the low-cost strategy that initially helped them compete with Intel in the first place.