Even though AMD has claimed that they won't be competing at the enthusiast-level against Intel and still don't have an answer for Intel's 45nm units, it still seems some of their CPUs will be floating up in the stratosphere with the high cost. Deneb-core processors, starting at 2.8GHz and moving up from there, are expected to be in the $300 and up bracket.

While that's still less than a comparable Core i7, exceeding $500 for some models, it's still in a price bracket that is out of the range for most people. Realistically, the only people willing to put down that kind of money for ultra-fast CPUs would probably end up being swayed by which CPU is the fastest to begin with - and Intel has that down pat right now. What exactly is AMD up to? So far it seems like Deneb is on track to be an even bigger disappointment than the original Phenom release was.