MSI's Wind lineup will see two new additions in the near future, following the discovery of two more versions of the notebook that will soon be offered. The new hardware includes the "Luxury edition" Wind, which is a lot less different from their existing hardware than you'd imagine with such a name. The biggest difference with the "Luxury" edition will be the inclusion of a 6-cell battery as opposed to a 3-cell battery, which should give a considerable boost to battery life.

The new machines are also expected to come with a Draft-N wireless card, a significant upgrade from the other models that only support b/g. They'll also be adding Bluetooth support. Not much else is changing in the unit. Processor, RAM, HDD and other hardware is remaining the same.

With every iteration of "netbooks" looking more and more like run of the mill laptops, MSI certainly has some interesting schemes for their Wind series, such as this new "Luxury" edition on top of others like their "Love edition" model.