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This week's topic: Are netbooks here to stay?

Google News gets a facelift Still looking plain and googley, but you heard it here first. Apparently went live as we were gathering the weekend news. Google News.

Bank robber hires decoys on Craigslist, fools cops In an elaborate robbery scheme that's one part The Thomas Crowne Affair and one part Pineapple Express, a crook robbed an armored truck outside a Bank of America branch in Monroe, Wash., by hiring decoys through Craigslist to deter authorities.

Microsoft gives users six months longer to flee from Vista OEMs have been given an additional six months to sell PCs running Windows Vista with the ability to downgrade to Windows XP using an accompanying recovery disc. The Register.

Court Temporarily Shuts Down RealDVD A court has ordered RealNetworks to temporarily suspend distribution of its controversial RealDVD product until Tuesday so that the judge can review all of the papers filed in the case. NewTeeVee.

Amazon Kindle 2 pics leaked You're looking at the first shots of Amazon's Kindle 2. The unit didn't go down too much in size which is unfortunate, but then again, you want something pretty large so it's comfortable to read on. Boy Genius Report.