One setback that Apple's laptops have always faced has been their relatively high price, especially when compared to the entry-level machines that most vendors offer. Apple hasn't been actively trying to change that, though they do understand some people just don't want to put away a minimum of $1,100 for a machine.

That may change in the near future, with rumors that Apple is getting ready to push out a low-cost MacBook. The machine may start as low as $800, a price range never before seen for an Apple mobile. Little real information on this "budget" MacBook is known - no specifications, release dates or model information is currently known. It would be interesting to see Apple among the lower cost laptop, though, as it would help them a lot in competing with Microsoft for OS dominance. It would also be interesting to see exactly what Apple has "cut" from their mainstream laptops to make a cheaper version of the MacBook.

Hopefully Apple will give us some real information soon. At the moment this is still in the rumor phase, but there is some evidence that Apple has been preparing a low-cost mobile, such as the manufacturing of solid-piece laptop chassis, with the intent to lower cost.